broken crystal bowl
  • I broke the bowl on her head.
  • She startled me and I panicked, accidentally hitting her with the bowl.
  • That's good! What happened next?
  • At this rate, you'll be out of here in no time.
She had head trauma
  • The bowl was made of crystal and it shattered when I hit her. After that, her head started bleeding and I didn't know how to stop it.
  • I didn't mean to hurt her, but she slumped after being hit with the bowl. There was a lot of blood.
  • I tried to help her, but it wouldn't stop. There was so much blood... I just meant to stun her. I didn't think the bowl would break like that.
  • Look, just do your best. Remember the deal we spoke about?
  • I know it's hard. But think of how much better it is to do this now and go home soon!
  • Don't worry. You are doing the right thing.
the door wasn't forced
  • I knew her a little bit, so I got her to let me in.
  • I prentended to be the delivery guy.
  • She was old. She thought I was the super.
  • That's good! Almost there.
  • Keep going like this and we'll be done before you even know it.
Some money was taken
  • She had so much money, I figured I could just take a little, and she wouldn't even notice!
  • It's been hard living on the cheap. I needed a way to get a bit of help.
  • I have so many loans. With the job market the way it is, this seemed like my only way out.
  • I really needed the money. I had already missed so many loan payments...
  • This is good but we need more.
  • You need to include a few more detials here.
  • The jury won't believe you if it doesn't all fit.
  • Is there anything more you can add?
The jewelry was missing
  • I went into her bedroom and took some of her jewellery. It was on her bed, and it seemed silly to leave it behind.
  • I took her jewellery. I figured I could sell it later.
  • She often bragged about all the jewellery she had. At this point it would have been foolish not to look for it. So I did. It was in her bedroom.
  • See, that's what I'm talking about!
  • The DA's going to be happy with this.
  • Just keep on going. You are doing great!
You were there then
  • I went into her apartment around nine thirty.
  • I left her apartment around ten fifteen.
  • I decided to see if she was at home around nine thirty.
  • I just decided to try my luck and see if she was out. I rang her bell at nine thirty.
  • Time of the crime is important for confessions.
  • A well-rounded picture: that's what jury's like. They like to "understand".
  • Yea, Merrick's right. This will really help them get the picture.
The neighbor saw you
  • Ms. Smith saw me right after that.
  • I tried to be sneaky, but wasn't enough. Ms. Smith is always snooping around.
  • C'mon! You can do better than that.
  • Look, I hate snooping neighbors too, but you gotta see this through!
  • Don't do this for us, do it for yourself.
They found your prints
  • Since I hadn't planned this, I didn't have gloves or anything when I opened her door. I guess that's how my prints on the bowl too.
  • I wasn't careful, so I guess that you found my fingerprints all around the apartment.
  • I never meant to hurt her. I hadn't even planned this, so I wasn't wearing gloves or anything. My prints must be everywhere.
  • I know this is hard, but you have to include this stuff.
  • It's good you are saying this now. Show of good faith and everything.
  • The fingerprints will come up in court. Lawyers live for that.
You have a hoodie
  • I had put on my black hoodie before going to her apartment.
  • I don't like people looking at me, so I usually wear a hoodie when I go out.
  • Hoodies let you blend in. I usually carry one with me, and I had mine on yesterday.
  • It was chilly, so I was wearing my black hoodie.
  • I'm happy to see you do the right thing.
  • Only way you can help yourself is by telling us everything now.
  • Remember, if it doesn't all fit in, the jury won't buy it.
  • ...and then no benevolent DA in the world can save you.
You've been stressed
  • I've been under a lot of stress lately, I guess I just snapped.
  • I've been really stressed lately. I just couldn't handle it anymore.
  • Everyone's got a breaking point, and I guess I reached mine.
  • Things haven't been going all that well. I guess the stress just got to me.
  • Everyone gets stressed sometimes.
  • Nothing to be ashamed of there.
  • Just human nature. Don't worry, everyone sympathizes with that.
Her tv was always loud
  • Her TV was so loud all the time! It was the most annoying thing ever.
  • No one liked her because of her TV. You could hear it all the way down the hall and even outside! Why didn't she just turn it down?
  • If her TV wasn't always so loud things might have ended differently. You could hear it two floors below!
  • All she had to do was turn that TV down. I even asked her nicely.
  • That TV would drive anyone over the edge!
  • Annoying neighbors. Everyone's got one.
  • Yea, like a bad case of 'flu.
You have anger issues
  • She had made me angry a couple times. I couldn't take it anymore.
  • Between her unreasonable demands, and the loud TV, my anger just sort of built up.
  • I had a really long day, and I just lost it for a few minutes.
  • She got on my nerves for weeks, I guess I finally snapped.
  • That temper of yours will get you every time.
  • You should look into that when you get out of here.
It looked like assault
  • I didn't mean to hit her, but I didn't know what else to do.
  • She wasn't supposed to be home. How could I know she was there? I'm not violent, things just happen sometimes.
  • I thought no one was home! And then, she just wouldn't shut up... I didn't know what else to do?
  • Given your mental state, it's perfectly understandable.
  • Did you already include the bit about the bowl?
  • Patience Merrick. We won't forget any of the details, right?
You have money issues
  • My bills just kept piling up, and I had no respite.
  • My credit history was shot, and I was getting more bills than salary from work. I could barely afford the rent.
  • I had borrowed money from so many places that I just couldn't manage it anymore.
  • One bill after another, and they just kept coming!
  • Mrs. Parks definitely didn't hide that she had a lot of money.
  • She probably wouldn't have missed it.
  • Who can blame you? She made it so easy.
Fingerprints on the doorknob
  • I wasn't wearing gloves, so I left prints on the door.
  • It was a spur of the moment decision, so I didn't even carry any gloves!
  • I tried the door and it was locked. I got her to let me in anyways.
  • I'm not in the habbit of breaking into old ladies' apartments, so I didn't have any gloves.
  • That's what I mean! You are doing the right thing.
  • You are a good person who made a mistake. Anyone can see that.


You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Anything you say is voluntary.
You have the right to an attorney.
You have a right to an attorney even after answering questions.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
Understanding your rights as listed, you are filling out this form without an attorney present.
  • You can't go on without checking that box!
  • Look, it's protocal. You can't break anymore rules.
  • I can see we are going to be here all day...
  • COME ON! Stop screwing around.
  • There, that wasn't so hard, was it?
  • Glad to see you are cooperating.
  • Phew. My wife hates it when I'm late for dinner.
  • She'll be real happy when I'm home in time today. Thanks!

Official Police Department Document

"Community, Justice, and Integrity"

There are some things I'd like to say.

And that's how it happened; I'm not a bad person, I made a mistake and I truly regret what I did.